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PRIDE PERCH is the ultimate sanctuary for all medium to small sized birds. This handcrafted perch is made with carefully selected gum tree branches and pine, ensuring it is safe for birds.

What sets PRIDE PERCH apart is its fun, customisable and interactive design. You can arrange the perches, move toys, and even add hanging treats, making a unique and personalised tree for your bird. 
*Even certain perches from your local pet store can fit into PRIDE PERCH.

Our perches are bird-safe and also treated to eliminate pests, bacteria, and mold, ensuring the health and well-being of your avian companions. The natural gum tree perches come in varying thicknesses, allowing birds to exercise their feet and promote healthy foot development

 Enables your bird to engage natural instincts 
Provide enriching playtime and bonding

Climbing & mimicking natural environmental behaviors
 Natural chewing & beak exercises 

 Lightweight and portable & will allow your bird to enjoy different locations 
 Variety in textures can promote healthy footcare
Merging the wonders of nature with a safe & non-toxic sanctuary
• Hundreds of different creative options to explore with your bird

Purchasing PRIDE PERCH includes:
1x Pine Rod 
1x Pine Base 
8x Perches

*Toys are for display purposes only and not included in purchase of product


Height: 63cm (fully assembled)
Width: 29.5cm x 29.5cm (Base)

The width of the full product changes due to naturally occurring bends and twists in our perches. All perches are different in length.

PRIDE PERCH is very sturdy and can handle the weight of multiple toys and birds at once.


Rod: Pine wood
Pine wood
Perches: Natural Gum
Screw inserts: Metal (non-zinc plated)
Bolts: Stainless Steel

Safe Wood Choice
: Pine wood is considered a "soft wood", but durable enough to withstand the chewing and playing habits of Parrots and small / medium birds. Parrots particularly have strong beaks and enjoy chewing on various materials. Pine wood provides a suitable and safe texture for them to engage in this natural behaviour.

Texture: The texture of Pine Wood is attractive to parrots. It provides a satisfying feel and can help keep their beaks healthy by encouraging natural wear and preventing overgrowth.

Safety First: Pine is a softer wood and can be susceptible to warping with too much exposure to elements such as heat and water, however we value bird safety first and will continue to use known bird-safe materials such as pine wood, and prepare the pine as much as possible to ensure the best experience for birds and owners. Other hardwoods may not be susceptible to bending, but may splinter or cause toxic odours and injuries to birds mouth, tongue or crop. We decided to simply avoid this by using bird-safe materials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I love it

I highly recommend This my two love theirs it's so high quality made and is very easy to put together and space saving much easier on the wallet too then some other stands out there Also I love how you can customise the perches to any type you want even swap them out whenever too love it .

This is really good

Pretty much a staple for my birds play area now - they're on this everyday (mainly sleeping) - couldnt recommend enough!

Pride Perch in Action