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Is PRIDE PERCH bird Safe?

PRIDE PERCH is Bird Safe when fully assembled. It is best for PRIDE PERCH to be used only when all perches are screwed in, to reduce exposure to the metal inserts located in the Rod.

All our perches are connected to the Rod with Bird Safe metals.

PRIDE PERCH is suitable for all small to medium sized birds, however take caution with larger birds - due to their nature, they may chew into the Rod and expose some of the metal inserts.

What wood does PRIDE PERCH use?

PRIDE PERCH uses all natural Eucalyptus/Gum tree wood and Pine. Both of these woods are listed as "safe woods" for birds.

Safe wood is an essential part of any pet bird environment to ensure your bird does not suffer from a toxic reaction.

All wood & perches are treated with extreme care to reduce pests and bacteria that may be harmful.

What are the benefits of using Gum Trees?

Eucalyptus Trees provide safe wood for your bird to perch on, chew and sharpen their beaks.

It also has medicinal properties which stimulate your bird's immune system and can promote a strong natural resistance to disease and parasites. 

Are the Natural Perches Safe for my Bird?

Natural perches are actually SAFER for your bird than other perches as they vary in thickness which exercises your bird's feet. It also helps to avoid foot conditions such as bumble foot and helps to file down their sharp nails naturally.

We strive to select only the best quality perches for your bird. We also take extreme care in quality control, treating all woods with bird-safe ingredients that will remove mold, pests and bacteria that may be present.

How do I use PRIDE PERCH?

PRIDE PERCH offers Versatility with 100's of options at your disposal to mix up your Birds experience.

You can use it as a stand for training, on your desk while working at home. It can be used on top of your bird's cage, outside in an aviary.

We encourage you to cover PRIDE PERCH in bird toys and ropes for them to play and climb all over. It's even easy to hang treats and screw in correctly sized food bowls.

The possibilities really are endless.

How are our perches cleaned?

Our natural gum tree wood perches are soaked in boiling water and double strength vinegar and appropriately stored away from bugs and elements.

We bake all perches in the oven at a temperature that eliminates pests, fungi, mold and any bacteria.

Please note as strict as we are with quality control & the health and safety of all birds, there will always be an element of risk when using natural perches.

What do I use to clean PRIDE PERCH?

Pride Perch is best cleaned using vinegar / coconut oil / hot water. These are bird safe and natural disinfectants.

If required, a light 180 grit sandpaper should remove any surface stains

How big is PRIDE PERCH?

Height: 63cm (fully assembled)
Width: 29.5cm x 29.5cm (Base)

The width of the full product changes due to naturally occurring bends and twists in our perches. All perches are different in length.

PRIDE PERCH is very Sturdy and can handle the weight of multiple toys and birds at once.

Please see 'PRIDE PERCH' for full diagram and measurements.

How does PRIDE PERCH help with birds foot and beak care?

PRIDE PERCH is made from Bird-Safe materials and has Natural Gum Perches that vary in shape and size.

Smooth, narrow perches don’t allow nails to wear naturally and the bird’s claws can become long and overgrown.

Natural Gum Perches are bigger & help distribute pressure to different areas on the bottom of their feet, aid in blunting & trimming their toes and allow for natural foraging behavior to aid prevention of beak overgrowth.



Here at BIRDINGTONS™ we are lovers of all things feathered and the creators of PRIDE PERCH.

Our goal is to ensure that birds have a natural, safe and fun habitat to enjoy in the comforts of our homes.

We aspire to promote the happiness and vitality of your feathered companions by providing them with a lively and natural environment.

Pride Perch in Action


PRIDE PERCH offers 100's of fun and customisable experiences with your birds.

PRIDE PERCH can be covered in bird toys, ropes, swings, sea grass mats, and even fit some store bought perches and food bowls.

We encourage you to change all of the perches and swap toys an ropes around regularly so that your birds are always exploring new environments. This gives them the ultimate experience PRIDE PERCH can offer.


Birds naturally love to be up high, and have a place to launch themselves and land when flying, and PRIDE PERCH offers this natural landscape to your bird in the comfort of your home.

PRIDE PERCH can meet all of your birds fundamental needs while offering a fun bonding experience trying out new perches, toys, a safe space to train and much more.


In 2022 we lost our beautiful female cockatiel, Mordekai. Our angel loved being up high and always close to her cage.

We wanted her to be safe and happy so the concept of PRIDE PERCH evolved to what it is today.

Enrichment, foraging opportunities and natural environment are all important aspects of owning birds and our product incorporates all of them. 



PRIDE PERCH is a customisable Tree your birds can hop, climb, and explore different perching levels with.

PRIDE PERCH engages their natural instincts and provides them with hours of fun and enriching playtime.

PRIDE PERCH merges the wonders of nature with a joyful sanctuary, giving your feathered friends a safe and enjoyable space to thrive.